Our public lands are at risk. The President’s December 4 decision to dramatically reduce the size of Bears Ears National Monument and eliminate protections for nearly 2 million acres of public lands sets a precedent for unraveling our nation’s system of protected areas. Many scientists, educators, and natural resource managers believe this is a mistake, and we have asked President Trump, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, and Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue to reverse their decision, restore Bears Ears National Monument to its original boundaries, and work with the Bears Ears Commission of Tribes to develop a scientifically grounded, culturally informed, and effective plan for long-term stewardship of this irreplaceable American landscape.

More than 690 scientists signed the Scientists’ Scientists Letter, Bears Ears National Monument, Updated Final, 04Jan2018 within 30 days of the President’s announcement – 300 by then end of the first day. Other scientists and citizens of all backgrounds and traditions are showing their support by adding their names to the list available through this link.

By supporting the scientists’ letter, you are endorsing their pledge to work with Tribal leaders who labored for a decade to win protection for Bears Ears and establish an effective platform for collaboration with with federal and state agencies on monument planning and management.

Together, we will succeed in protecting our public lands and resources, so that we can pass this rich legacy on to future generations. Thank you for your interest, and for your commitment to Bears Ears National Monument and the future of our public lands.

For more information, contact Tom Sisk  –  Thomas.Sisk(at)nau.edu